We’ve had days and days of rain here and parts of Malaysia have flooded. Up here in the hills flooding isn’t a problem, but the pervading damp has taken its toll on my computer which did not appreciate the wet weather and has been crashing repeatedly. The only thing that seems to help is using a hair drier to blow hot air through the vents – a low tech solution to a high tech problem!

Electrical equipment doesn’t like the jungle much – the humidity can play havoc with sensitive electronics – so it is worth investing in equipment that has some degree of waterproofing… and remember, your super-accurate GPS may simply stop working in the jungle, so don’t rely on it completely.

As a result of my computer problems I’m a little behind with the videos.  I have finished the wooden sheath (see photo) but still need to finish the video, so the one below is just the first part.

In this video I’ve also shown how to tie constrictor knots – these are extremely useful knots to know for the jungle and are very easy to learn.

I’ll finish off the second part of this video in the next day or two.

A relative of Baha’s kindly showed me how to tie the simpan knot (used for binding the two halves of the wooden sheath together) – he also told me how, some years ago, a wild boar attacked him and bit off the end of his thumb!

In this area of the rainforest there are loads of wild boar and I come across them all the time – hearing this story I shall be a little more careful around them in future!

If you are interested in seeing a Malaysian wild boar I’ve added the video (below) which I took last year.