To enjoy your time in the jungle you have to become comfortable in the jungle, and what you wear is one of the main things that will determine how comfortable you feel.

But it is surprisingly difficult to find good information on what clothes to wear in the jungle (perhaps because it is not the most exciting topic?) and, over the years and in the absence of good advice, I ended up experimenting with various types of outdoor wear and their suitability for the jungle.

One of the most important items of clothing to get right are the socks you wear. If your feet aren’t hardened up (or your boots rub a little) and you have bad socks the inevitable result will be blisters… and blisters are no fun at all.

I began by using sports socks (and many people recommend these type of cotton socks for the jungle). I have not had a good experience with cotton socks – in the damp of the jungle cotton rubs against your skin and produces blisters. In my view, wool is the way to go – even when wet it is comfortable(ish).

The other topic I cover in this video are leech socks. Some people don’t like to use them but I like them simply because I want to protect my feet first and would prefer a leech bite somewhere else on my body.

I’ve been into the jungle with people who insist on wearing sandals without socks – how the leeches feast! – their feet end up looking like someone has poured a bottle of ketchup over them. On a day trek you can get away with this – but those bites are going to itch and get sore if you’re on a long trip, so protect your feet. If your feet get screwed up and you can’t walk you’re in real trouble in the jungle.

Look after your feet – dry them in the evenings and treat them to a good pair of socks – because to get out of the jungle you have to be able to walk out of the jungle.