“To be stupid, selfish and have good health are the three requirements for happiness….though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost” (Flaubert)

I came across this video link the other day about the plight of the rain forest in Sarawak…it is a shocking expose but, perhaps, not that a big a surprise to those familiar with rain forest politics.  The video speaks for itself and you can draw your own conclusions, but I would encourage anyone interested in the rain forest to watch it.

It is ironic that we humans believe we can both over exploit the world’s natural resources (leaving little for future generations) whilst at the same time over populating the world… I honestly don’t get it.

There does, however, seem to be a growing realization that this state of affairs can only end badly and, although the solution to these problems is complex and will take time, I hope that our human ingenuity will find a way.

However, the speed at which these natural resources are disappearing is so fast that by the time we come up with a solution there may be nothing left to save.

Anyone who has  been on a survival course will be familiar with the S.T.O.P rule – that if you find yourself lost in the forest then you should  STOP – THINK – OBSERVE – PLAN rather than blindly rushing onwards in the hope of stumbling across a way out of the jungle.  Maybe mankind needs to take the same approach to the problems we face with over population and our environment?  To take a pause, turn off the chain saws, and re-evaluate before it’s too late.

Surely mankind can come up with a better plan than “more of us is good and consumerism is god”?