Think outside [no box required]

I have a love-hate relationship with plastic bottles and bags – I love the many uses they have for the jungle trekker, I hate seeing them littering the trails and campsites.

The plastic bottles used for carbonated drinks are so well made that they can be reused thousands of times and last for years (hundreds of years!) and yet few people reuse them.  Why can’t shops offer a refill option?  You take your empty bottle in and they refill it  for you on the spot and then charge you less than if you buy a new bottle off the shelf.  diy_air_core_pillowNo doubt the manufacturers would be against such an idea as they’d have to install some sort of refilling machine in all the shops and it would reduce their ability to brand what is essentially water with sugar in it – but so what?  We should force them to do it and fine them if they don’t.

As for buying bottled water!  Are we all nuts?!

Anyway, putting aside my environmental despair for a moment, and ignoring the floating island of bottles in our seas that is now half the size of Australia (!), plastic bottles and bags have numerous uses in the jungle and that’s what I cover in the video below.  Some uses you may already know, others are less well known.

Plastic bags can be used to waterproof shelters, to collect water, to store water, to keep things dry (clothes, food, tinder),plastic_bag_water_carrier to keep wet things isolated from dry stuff, to weatherproof your camera, to light a fire, to make cordage, to make an air-core pillow, as groundsheets, or as a makeshift poncho…

….and, of course, to carry out litter!