Your trip to the jungle begins back at home, when you choose what to take with you.

Naturally this will depend on the type of trip you have in mind – equipment for a 2 week foray into the heart of the jungle will be different from that needed on a one day hike on a well maintained trail.

However there are some items that you should always carry with you  – what is often referred to by various acronyms like ETC (Every Time Carry), EDC (Every Day Carry) – and first and foremost among these items is your parang (the Malay name for a machete).

It is difficult to overstate the importance of a parang when you are in the jungle.  With it you can clear a path, find water and food, make fire and shelter…in fact with a parang and good junglecraft you could survive in the jungle for as long as you like.

Without your parang you are going to struggle (to say the very least) and will have no choice but to endure what the jungle has to throw at you (and it has plenty!)

In short, going into the jungle without a parang is like going to the artic and forgetting to take a warm coat.  You just don’t do it.

So, the first law of the jungle is…

“Your parang should be either by your side or within sight.  Always”

If you haven’t been into the jungle before, you’ll want to know which parang to get (and where to get it), how to sharpen it and how to use it properly.  Over the next few days, I’ll post a series of articles covering these areas.

The good news is that none of it is rocket-science and a good parang isn’t expensive.