The standard parang sold in Malaysia comes without a sheath.

Carving out a wooden sheath for your parang is a satisfying and fun thing to do, but if you are arriving from abroad you may not have the time or ability to do this before your trip.  In this video-post I will show you how to make a suitable sheath for your machete using readily available materials that you can easily salvage (or buy) – and which won’t take you more than 20 minutes to do.

Although the end result may not look quite as nice as a wooden sheath it is arguably more functional and, more-and-more, I see Orang Asli (the native people of Malaysia) using this type of sheath rather than the traditional wooden ones.

I have added a few emergency items to the sheath (a Falkniven sharpening stone, 30ft paracord, a lighter and some cable ties) and I’ll show you why these particular items are important enough to carry-all-the-time, and test how they stand up to some heavy use, in later articles.

For those of you who prefer using natural materials/techniques, fear not! – this morning I began the project to make a parang handle and sheath using traditional methods and materials and I’ll post that up in the next day or so.