I thought I knew many knots but, in just a few videos, I’ve pretty much covered my entire repertoire!  It goes to show that, for general campcraft, you don’t really need to know that many knots.   Indeed Les Stroud, in his book Survive, whittled it down to just three essential knots (clove hitch, bowline and figure of eight).

Knowing a few useful knots can make a huge difference in the jungle: anyone who has had to rig up a tarp/hammock in a tropical downpour will know that practised ease with the necessary knots will mean the difference between a quick and effortless set-up and one that is frustrating and likely to fail on you just when you don’t want it to.

There are hundreds of knots you could learn and this can be a bit daunting for a newcomer- the key is to learn the knots that work for a given purpose: knots to tension guylines, to tie on the hammock, to tauten the tarp, to tie ropes together etc.  That way you learn the knot and the function of the knot at the same time.

…after that, all that’s needed is practise.