“You’ve made your bed, now lie in it”

In the jungle the cold and wind are not the main concerns when making a shelter, but getting off the ground and keeping dry are.

Bamboo is the best resource available for shelter building – it sometimes feels like it has been designed specifically for that purpose: not only is it strong, easy to work with, hollow and plentiful, it is also ideally suited for joints, pins, lashings and can be bent and flattened if necessary.

In this video I cover some of the basic techniques that are worth knowing if you’re going to work with bamboo.  If you are interested there are some very skilled workmen who use bamboo to make everything from houses to bicycles (search the internet for images) and it is truly amazing what can be done with this material.

When constructing any type of shelter there are compromises to make: given enough time and skill you could construct a magnificent bamboo palace, but normally we just want to make a reasonably comfortable shelter as fast and efficiently as possible…particularly in an emergency.  Armed with the knowledge of how to work with bamboo this is something you can be confident of being able to do.