“A hero is a man who is afraid to run away” (English Proverb)

GoproI bought  a GoPro (hero 2) a few years ago as I wanted a small, robust and waterproof camera with a wide field-of-view for filming in the notoriously wet and damp jungle environment.    As with any piece of kit designed with an emphasis on a particular set of benefits (compact/waterproof/lightweight/wide FOV) there is an associated downside, and with the GoPro Hero 2 those downsides came in the form of lousy sound quality, poor video quality in low light and an annoying fisheye effect.  I own a standard camcorder (a Panasonic SD 700) which is far superior in terms of audio quality, video quality and ease of use…however, the problem is that it doesn’t like being in the humid jungle for too long and would break if it was dropped or got wet,

With the GoPro Hero 2 there were other problems: there was no built in LCD screen (so you were never fully sure of what was in shot or not) and no way to playback what you just filmed (to check that you’d got the shot you wanted).

It took me a while to get around these problems and it was only with the addition of the the WiFi backpack that the camera really started to work for me.

Back when I bought the GoPro there weren’t many alternatives in the action camera market – these days there are a growing number of competitor brands and, judging by the reviews I’ve read, the GoPros are under pressure to justify the premium price they currently command.  If you’re in the market for an action camera I would do a Google search on ‘GoPro alternatives’ before you buy into the GoPro brand….that’s not to say that the GoPro is a bad choice, but rather that there are cheaper alternatives out there that might suit your needs just as well.

Nevertheless, a GoPro is what I bought and it does have the benefit of being able to cope with the jungle environment which is, in itself, is a major plus for me as it means that I can now film on trips where in the past I could not.

In the video below I show the ways I’ve got around the problems I encountered with the GoPro and, now that they are no longer an issue, the camera is performing well enough and the only outstanding issue is the poor video quality in low light situations.