“…our best moments in the rain forest?  There were two:  just before we went in… and just before we got out.”

I can’t remember the exact quote (or who said it) but it sums up the experience that many newcomers have in the rainforest: their initial anticipation and eagerness to enter the jungle are soon replaced by an increasing desire to get out again.

Why is this?

Part of the reason is that people who aren’t familiar with the jungle tend to bring the wrong clothes/footwear and gear with them – shoes without any grip, skin-tight jeans, shirts that don’t ‘breathe’ etc.

The jungle is a hostile environment – no doubt about it – but with the right gear you can protect yourself from a lot of the things that would otherwise make your trip uncomfortable.

…and the good news is that a lot of the best equipment for the jungle isn’t expensive.

In the articles in this section (which you can find by clicking under ‘Gear’ in the categories listing) I’ll be looking in detail at the sort of kit that actually works in the jungle and how to get it without spending a fortune.