“We don’t always get what we need, but sometimes get what we want”

Each time I do a gear review I think to myself that it will be the last one – that my kit is as good as it can be and there will no need for further enhancements.   This year is no exception and, although my gear purchases are becoming less and less, they still haven’t reached an end and, no doubt, next year there will be some other piece of must-have kit that will lighten my wallet.

Anyway here are some pieces of kit that I’ve picked up this year and, below, I’ve put in links for those interested (mainly Amazon links).

I apologise for being slow to get back to those who have commented or sent me emails in the past few weeks but the introduction of the civet cats has thrown everything slightly out of whack and I’ve not had as much time to spend on jungle craft things.

Hope you all have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!


MIll-tec pouchAmazon link

Exped ultralight pillowAmazon link

Snugpak response parkAmazon link

Sawyer mini water filter – Amazon link

Net scarf (I bought mine in Malaysia so not sure if the item in the link is exactly the same) – Amazon link

Belt and lumbar pack – these were custom made for me by my friend Ben.  Here is a link to his site – Garrison Packs