“What do you actually need?  Food, clothing, shelter.  Everything else is entertainment” (Aloe Blacc)

Aloe Blacc (in the quote above) seems to have neglected to include water – which I suspect he would find he needed sooner than the other items listed, but nevertheless I get his point.

tarp_repairIn this video I look at how to repair a tarp that’s been ripped in two and, to make life a little more challenging, I am using a mylar space blanket (which is my survival kit shelter item) rather than a normal every day use tarp.  However, this method can be done with any sort of tarp or any cloth material you need to joint together.

The method I’m using is also the way I attach the guy lines to the space blanket.

As with shelter building in general, there is a balance between what materials you have available, how long you have to build your shelter and how effective you need it to be.  In the case of a field repair of a tarp there is no point in relying on a method that requires materials you don’t normally carry, nor is it helpful to only know a method that takes so long that night (and/or rain!)  falls before you’ve finished the repair.

With that in mind the method I use is quick and requires nothing more than a stick, plastic bag, some thin cordage and a tiny bit of a knowledge (how to tie a constrictor knot on the bight).