Following up on the last video I wanted to show how to make a platform shelter using materials (i.e. wood) where you need to use lashings to form the a-frame. Although I actually use bamboo for this (!) – only so that I didn’t have to cut any trees down – the principle is the same and I have used the bamboo as if it were solid wood.

The other thing I wanted to show here is the usefulness of an emergency shelter pack – the one I use here weighs less than 100 gram, fits in a small ziplock plastic bag and cost virtually nothing. It’s a good idea to make a few of these and throw one into each of your day bags/rucksacks….if you ever do have to spend an unexpected night in the jungle, finding one of these emergency shelter kits at the bottom of your rucksack will be a very welcome discovery and make your life much, much easier.

For me the key to junglecraft is finding a way to be comfortable in the jungle, and part of being comfortable is not having a heavy pack with every possible piece of kit inside (the more you know, the less you need to carry)…

At the same time I don’t think it is wise to rely entirely on primitive skills in the jungle and bringing in items like plastic sheeting, or lighters is just good sense (and all the Orang Asli I meet do exactly that).

Primitive skills in shelter building and fire lighting are still important to know – they are a back-up in case you lose your pack/lighter etc – but as anyone who has tried to build a shelter (or light a fire) in the rain will know, it’s much easier if you have a few bits of plastic technology to help you along.