“To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and, whatever you hit, call it the target”

I watched a programme where Ray Mears and a bowyer make a primitive bow and arrow set from scratch using only flint tools and natural resources – you can find it if you search on Youtube – it takes them ages to do and left me thinking that such a task, in a survival situation, is probably not the best route to follow in terms of acquiring game.

However bamboo changes the equation as it allows a fast and effective bow-and-arrow set to be made satisfyingly quickly.   But to do so you need to be practised in working with bamboo and understand its unique properties: how to take advantage of them when they help and how to get round them when they don’t.

It took me quite a lot of experimenting before I managed to get a bamboo arrow that was good enough to be effective and didn’t require other resources to be found.  For someone starting out without this knowledge there is a learning curve to go through and one you don’t want to have waste time on in a survival situation.


So, in this video, I show some tips and tricks that will speed up the arrow making process considerably.  Will you end up with an arrow as good as a perfectly balanced/spined commercial arrow with a razor sharp broadhead?  Clearly not, but you will get an arrow that will fire straight, is flexible enough to stabilise in flight and will pierce a target.