Junglecraft is simply bushcraft for the tropical jungle.

I live in a rain forest about 40 miles from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Not in a bamboo hut or anything exotic like that, but in a house with running water, electricity and internet, however, I spend most of my time in the surrounding jungle.

The rainforest is amazingly beautiful and endlessly fascinating, but it can be an overwhelming environment for newcomers and hostile to the unprepared.  As a result, people going in for the first time – full of anticipation and eager for the adventure – often leave vowing never to return (and secretly wishing for the whole forest to be cut down and replaced with a shopping mall).

This is a shame as the rainforest needs all the friends it can get, and a bad first impression lasts a long time.  But a little basic junglecraft (even something as simple as knowing what to wear) can make an enormous difference to the quality of your experience in the forest.

As the saying goes, “any idiot can be uncomfortable in the jungle” –  junglecraft is about knowing how to adapt to this environment and get comfortable with it.

Am I an expert in junglecraft?  No;  I am slow learner and what I have learned, I learned the hard way.  But I have the time and opportunity (and a stubborn streak) that give me the chance to try out different aspects of junglecraft.

My hope is that other people who work, live or visit the rainforest will add their own ideas on junglecraft and that this website can act as a forum for people who want to exchange ideas as well as a reference resource for people planning their first visit to the jungle.